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ZPS (Sodium 3-(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-1-propanesulfonate)

Serial number:BRT-009C CAS number:49625-94-7 Trade name:ZPS Assay:90% Appearance:Light yellow powder


Serial number:BRT-010C CAS number:583-39-1 Trade name:M Assay:95% Appearance:White crystal

PAS(4-Aminosalicylic Acid)

Serial number:BRT-006Z CAS number:65-49-6 Trade name:PAS Assay:50% Appearance:Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

MOME (Aqueous cationic polymer)

Serial number:BRT-007Z CAS number:10882-76-0 Trade name:MOME Assay:40% Appearance:Brown transparent liquid

OCBA(2-Chlorobenzaldehyde )

Serial number:BRT-008Z CAS number:89-88-5 Trade name:OCBA Assay:99%(min) Appearance:Clear colorless to light yellow liquid


Serial number:BRT-010Z CAS number:68555-36-2 Trade name:PUB Assay:60% Appearance:colorless to yellowish clear liquid

VS(Vinyl sulphonate, sodium salt)

Serial number:BRT-024N CAS number:3039-83-6 Trade name:VS Assay:25-26% Appearance:Light yellow transparent liquid


Serial number:BRT-026N CAS number:1606-85-5 Trade name:BEO Assay:98% Appearance:Light yellow to brown-red transparent liquid


Serial number:BRT-027N CAS number:110-65-6 Trade name:BOZ Assay:98% Appearance:White crystal

Perfluorohexyl ethyl iodide

Serial number:BRT-023F CAS number:2043-57-4 Trade name:TEI-6 Assay:98% Appearance:Colorless liquid

2-(Perfluorohexyl) Ethyl Alcohol

Serial number:BRT-024F CAS number:647-42-7 Trade name:TEOH-6 Assay:98% Appearance:Colorless liquid