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Silicone oil/PDMS(Polydimethylsiloxane)/201 methyl silicone fluid

Physical And Chemical Features :

1. Smoothness & softness & hydrophobicity & good chemical stability & insulation property
2. High and low temperature resistance & high flash point.
3. Low freezing point (it can be chronically used in the temperature from -50℃ to +200 ℃).
4. Small viscosity-temperature coefficicent & big compression ratio & low surface tension.B

Advantages of Silicone Oil:

1. Silicone oil is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-irritating products, chemical stability, heat resistance, cold resistance, water repelled, lubricity, high refraction, storage stability and compatibility with commonly used in many filed.

2. Pure silicone fluids are clear, colorless, and odorless linear Polydimethylsiloxane fluids / PDMS. They are characterized by their low pour points, high flash points, wide service temperature range, low viscosity change at temperature (low VTC), excellent lubricity, high dielectric strength, and inertness to virtually all substrates.
3. Silicone fluids are 100% PDMS silicone oils that are characterized by their wide service temperature range, high flash points, high dielectric strength and excellent lubricity.

. Mechanical silicone oil
. Textile agent
. Sewing thread using silicone oil
. Dielectric coolant.
. Insulation and damping fluid for electrical and electronic equipment
. Release agent
. Foam control
. Surfactant
. lubricant
. Ingredients for cosmetics and personal care preparations, polishes and specialty chemicals
. Plastic additives

Ÿ For industrial applications: 

Silicone fluids meet a wide variety of applications in many industries. They are good coatings additive, plastics additive,
damping fluid, plastics lubricant, electrical insulating fluid, mechanical fluid, de-foaming, mold release and surface active
agent for machinery, electrical appliances, and textile... It is also used as active ingredient in a variety of automotive,
furniture, metal, leather and specialty polishes, Sewing thread using silicone oil etc...

Ÿ For personal care applications:

They are ideal conditioning agent/additive for hair care products, shampoo, rinse-off conditioners, bath shower gel and other
personal care and cosmetic products. It provides easy combing and detangling for wet and dry hair, lubricious, smooth feel as well

as softness and gloss to the hair.

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