Acid zinc plating products BRT14-90

Column:Company News Time:2021-06-16

Product introduction:

Type of compound】:sulopropylated polkokylated naphthol, potassium salt

CAS No】:120478-49-1

Appearance】:brown, viscous lquid

Assay】:approx. 75%

Secondary constituents】:plolkoyaled naphtol, water

PH】:approx. 6

Solubility:in water in any ratio

                       in methanol in any ratio

                       in ethanol in any ratio

                      in toluene in any ratio (turbid)

CMC-value】:  approx. 0.3%

Concentration in the bath】: 0.5-2.0 g/l

Product description / Main application】:

      Low-foam anionic surfactant without cloud point for the production of brightening agents for electroplating baths, especilly acid zinc baths.
     As a sufonate, BRT14-90 is very hyorolysis-resitant.

     In combination with non-ionic surfactants BRT 14-90 increases the cloud point considerably, easily solubilises Benzyldene acetone and leads to an improved throwing power. It allowls to operate the bath at higher temperatures. The layer deposited with BRT14-90 are bright and corrosion resistant.

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