Application of fluorocarbon surfactant

Column:Industry Information Time:2021-08-01

Application of fluorocarbon surfactant

       Application of fluorocarbon surfactants fluorocarbon surfactants can be divided into anionic,cationic,zwitterionic and non-ionic types.

       Compared with hydrocarbon surfactants,the difference is the fluorination of hydrocarbon chains,forming fluorocarbon chains with special

       Branched fluorocarbon surfactants have low toxicity and environmental protection, and their performance is usually inferior to that of straight chain structure, but when the length of straight chain fluorocarbon chain is greater than 6, they have high toxicity and bioaccumulation. 

        Therefore, the research on C6 with less toxicity and C4 with basically no bioaccumulation has become a development trend, but the shortening of fluorocarbon chain will lead to the decline of performance, which is difficult to take into account environmental protection and performance.

      By introducing branched chain and synthesizing Gemini fluorocarbon surfactant, the purpose of increasing efficiency and environmental protection can be achieved.
     Therefore, studying the relationship between the structure and properties of fluorocarbon surfactants and developing fluorocarbon surfactants with excellent performance and environment-friendly will be the development trend.

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